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“When her mother was picked up on prostitution and possession charges, 11-year-old Danni* was living with her in a bare single-bedroom apartment. The only food in the home was some Pop-Tarts Danni had tucked away (just in case) from the last visit to grandma and grandpa’s house. Danni’s ill-fitting clothes all reeked of cat urine.”


“Aliyah was born a healthy baby girl. It wasn’t until she was 15 months old that everything changed for her. She was crying, as infants do, and dad put his hand over her nose and her mouth and squeezed to make her shut up. It worked, Aliyah stopped crying; in fact, she stopped breathing.” 


These are just two of the many stories the staff at KidsVoice has to tell. This amazing organization advocates for almost 3,000 children who are in the child-welfare system in Allegheny County’s Juvenile Court.

In Danni’s case, KidsVoice made sure she received a permanent placement with her grandparents after her mother went to jail. They arranged for transportation so she could continue attending the school that she loved. Thanks to KidsVoice, Danni was able to maintain some type of stability in her life while she adjusted to building a new relationship with her mother who was in recovery. She was able to learn what it meant to be taken care of instead of acting as her mother’s caretaker.

KidsVoice literally gave Aliyah, the 15 month old, a second chance at life. She lost most of her vision and couldn’t chew or swallow food. Some parties suggested that Aaliyah be removed from life support.

KidsVoice disagreed. Eventually, Aliyah made progress and was released from the hospital. She responded to colors and sounds, and her KidsVoice case team worked with her foster family so that she could attend the Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind. KidsVoice also advocated for placement with the nurse who had been taking care of Aliyah. Aliyah, now 9, lives with a loving family and receives the services she needs to ensure she lives a full, vibrant life.

In order to help children who are desperately in need of an advocate, KidsVoice relies on the generosity of organizations like The Heyward House and people like you. 



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